Remedial and Sports Massage
Malvern - Worcestershire
Call or email now for more information 07818 264866

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Treatments are an hour long and cost £40.
Book and pay for 3 one hour treatments in advance and pay only £110.
Please note that appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged for at the hourly treatment rate.

Please call or email for further details
07818 264866 or email

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“ Thank you for fixing me! I was right as rain the next day, after weeks of low level pain. Wonderful! ”
Pregnancy Massage patient. Malvern “ Just to say a big thankyou to you. My back seems to have made a full recovery! This is very much thanks to you. It feels very supportive to have you to be able to call if this ever happens again.
Many thanks ”

Hilly Kemp, Yoga Teacher

“Hi Tonia. Just to tell you that my shoulder muscle has released. I’m so pleased! Thank you so much for your help”
Remedial Massage patient suffering from long term shoulder problem

“I find that I climb a lot better following a Remedial Massage Treatment. If I were to win the lottery, Tonia would definitely be part of my retinue!”
Mike, Remedial Massage Patient

“I am generally quite an anxious person and I find it hard to relax. I really look forward to my treatments as I find I can actually switch off and I am left feeling calm and relaxed. Members of my family have commented that I seem less anxious - they’re wondering what my secret is!”
Sue Riley, Massage patient

“I certainly enjoyed your relaxing treatment, and meeting you - I just wish you were nearer for regular sessions when necessary”
Remedial Massage patient. Norwich

“I really look forward to, and appreciate, Tonia’s treatments. Well worth every penny”
Shelley, Remedial Massage patient

“I had this ambition that, having reached sixty, I wanted to do my home town marathon. But then I over-did it and injured my knee. I had seen two physio’s and I was still in pain and not at all hopeful. I contacted Tonia as I have a home in Malvern and a few people had said she was good. Well, they were right. After only one session I felt better, after two I felt no pain in the injured knee. So I ran the Liverpool rock and roll marathon. The following Friday, Tonia put me together and that Sunday, 21st June 2015, I ran the Acorns half marathon no problem. I cannot thank Tonia enough - I raised loads of money for Acorns and MND because I could and Tonia ensured that I could, Thanks Tonia. ”
Joe Ferguson, Malvern